SOTI Solutions

SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, with more than 17,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI’s innovative portfolio of solutions and services provides the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments.

SOTI MobiControl Keeps Staff Productive & Safe

Ensure business devices are utilized for work-related purposes with SOTI MobiControl. Lockdown restricts the device to business-critical apps, guaranteeing productivity.

Geofencing With SOTI MobiControl

Protect apps and data when devices are on the move. With SOTI MobiControl, you can create boundaries to control what devices can and cannot do depending on their location.

SOTI XSight: Predict Battery Life

Don’t lose out on productivity due to mid-shift battery failure. The SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard gives you real-time information on device battery health.

Operational Intelligence With SOTI XSight

Take a tour on SOTI XSight’s operational intelligence solution that helps organizations optimize their business-critical mobile operations. 

See how SOTI solutions helped DAO Group simplify their business mobility.