Improve Operations With Our Warehouse Management System

DAO Group’s high-performance warehouse management system (WMS) streamlines warehouse workflows and provides greater visibility into operations using the latest mobile computer technology. Our system actively controls all processes and material flow in the warehouse and outside the four walls for direct store delivery drivers, giving you the ability to meet customer demands while managing costs.

WMS Route Accounting Software

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Make the Most of Time and Resources

DAO's WMS tracks product movement to optimize warehouse space, giving warehouse teams the visibility to control and monitor workflow in real time. Pick adjustments are recorded directly on the mobile device and synchronized with the host, reducing office work and increasing productivity and efficiency. Products are always stored in their designated slots so you can make the most of your time and resources.

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Enhance Inventory Controls

DAO's WMS allows you to scan product slots and barcodes during physical counts. Conduct cycle counts with our warehouse management system to reduce labor intensity during regular physical inventories. Our system generates slot lists, providing product location and quantity on hand for accurate verification. The reconciliation process is quick and easy, using variance reporting and inventory movement reports.


Keep Up with the Competition

A warehouse management system must track products efficiently to make them readily available for fast delivery. DAO Group’s WMS solution automates processes by scanning all inbound and outbound products. Our solution eliminates paper picklists, ending lost orders and manual order corrections. Instead, pickers use the DAO WMS mobile application to scan slot locations, lots, and products. Warehouse processes don’t have to be tedious and time-consuming when your team has the right tools.