MobileSnak: Meet High Expectations With Our Automated Route Accounting Software

DAO Group’s MobileSnak is an automated route accounting software solution that equips your team. Our business tools help optimize route operations, accounting, and direct store delivery (DSD) processes. Reclaim time per stop and increase driver productivity with MobileSnak. This innovative solution replaces paper-based processes or clunky, complex mobile applications. As a result, drivers quickly recognize MobileSnak’s ability to increase efficiency and build it into their daily workflows.

MobileSnak Route Accounting Software

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A User-Friendly, Feature-Rich Mobile Route Accounting Software Solution

Although MobileSnak is easy to use, it’s also one of the most robust automated route accounting software solutions available. MobileSnak’s features include inventory management at warehouse, bin, and truck level. MobileSnak also supports pre-sale distribution and scan-based trading; therefore, eliminating inventory carrying costs while increasing close communication with vendors. Likewise, your back office will also benefit from transactions and data collection in the field with MobileSnak features such as signature capture, invoice imaging, wireless printing, and robust reporting.

Customized Functionality

In addition to being fully DEX/UCS capable, MobileSnak utilizes native mobile features of your devices, for instance, the camera, scanner, and geolocationing. You can use this premier automated route accounting software solution separately or with WebSnak. If you already have a host solution, let our experts integrate your system with MobileSnak, which can run on the Windows-based device of your choice.



Our handheld devices make it easy

Invoice Imaging

Capture and save details along the way
barcode scanning

Barcode Scanning

Manage inventory and invoicing while in route

Additional MobileSnak Route Accounting Software Features

Drive Operational Efficiency With MobileSnak

The MobileSnak functionalities give route drivers and managers a powerful set of tools to direct all their route needs. This application allows your entire team to be on the same page, from warehouse to delivery and accounting. DSD professionals across the world trust MobileSnak for all their route accounting needs.

MobileSnak Solutions