Introducing the DAO Charging Hub – Your Ultimate Power Management Solution

As a leading provider of route accounting software and hardware solutions, we understand the daily challenges our customers face. Whether you’re in the field or at the office, ensuring your devices are fully charged and ready for action is crucial. That’s why our team has developed the DAO Charging Hub, a versatile and reliable solution designed to keep your essential equipment powered up wherever you are.

Why the DAO Charging Hub? In the fast-paced world of route accounting, efficiency and reliability are key. Our customers often need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and traditional charging solutions simply don’t cut it. The DAO Charging Hub addresses this need by offering a compact, powerful, and flexible charging station that can be used both on the go and at your desk.

Key Features of the DAO Charging Hub:
  • Durability and Strength: The DAO Charging Hub boasts a 3D-printed high-durability plastic case. This design not only ensures increased strength but also provides superior heat resistance, making it a robust choice for any environment.
  • Dual HyperCharge USB-A Ports: Equipped with dual HyperCharge USB-A ports, the hub can efficiently charge handheld devices like the CT40/CT45 and smartphones. This means you can keep your essential communication and data collection tools powered up simultaneously.
  • Dedicated Printer Charging Port: The DAO Charging Hub includes a barrel charging port with a 12-volt output specifically for mobile printers like the RP4/PB51. This ensures your mobile printing solutions are always ready to print invoices, receipts, and other important documents on the spot.

Versatile Power Options: The 12-volt input power port allows for flexible charging options. Whether you’re using a wall adapter at your desk or a car power adapter while on the road, the DAO Charging Hub adapts to your needs, providing consistent and reliable power.

At DAO Group, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. The DAO Charging Hub is a testament to this commitment, offering a powerful, versatile, and durable charging solution that keeps you and your devices ready for action.Upgrade your charging setup today with the DAO Charging Hub and experience the difference in efficiency and reliability. Click here to place an order. For more information or for larger quantities, contact our sales team.