Warehouse Management System


  • Process Purchase Orders

  • Track Pallets and Put Away


  • Restock Pick Locations

  • Track Product Movement


  • Sequence Orders

  • Assign Pickers to control and monitor workflow

  • Automated Picking process increasing accuracy and speed

Inventory Control

  • Cycle Counts

  • Slot Management and Product Levels

  • Lot Number Tracking

  • Full Catch Weight Support

  • Reconciliation

DAO Group’s robust Warehouse Management System improves accuracy, efficiency and inventory controls!

Using the latest mobile computer technology, DAO Group WMS will greatly improve your warehouse accuracy by scanning all products inbound and outbound. Pickers pick product using the WMS Mobile application scanning slot locations, lots and products. Elimination of paper picklists eliminates lost orders and manual order corrections.

Warehouse efficiencies are greatly improved by storing product in designated areas and properly restocking pick locations. Product movement is tracked to optimize warehouse space. Pickers are assigned to control and monitor workflow real-time. Pick adjustments are recorded directly on the mobile device, and synchronized with the host real-time which improves accuracy and reduces office work.

Inventory controls are greatly enhanced through scanning product slot and UPC during physical counts. Cycle counts reduce labor intensity during regular physical inventories. Slot lists provide product location and quantity on hand for accurate verification.

Reconciliation is quick and easy using variance reporting and inventory movement reports.

Lot number tracking facilitates recall requirements in the event of a product recall. Product is received, inventoried and tracked by lot number (optionally). Tracking reports show routes that were loaded by product, lot number and day to facilitate the recall process which meets retail recall requirements.

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Zebra® TC8000 Touch Computer

What makes the TC8000 so special? Everything. It’s the ground-breaking all new warehouse mobile computer designed to deliver revolutionary productivity increases in the warehouse. And it’s the only device on the market that simplifies it all.


Zebra® ZT400 Series

Designed to grow with your evolving business needs, the ZT400 features increased processing capabilities and an open operating architecture providing flexibility to support your ever-growing and changing application requirements.


Next Generation Route Accounting

A cross-platform, modern, and innovative solution bringing the latest technology to the DSD streets

Data on the handheld synchronizes with the host in the background in real-time. No more batch processes to wait for; drivers can focus on what's important, while data upload and download is fully automated.

Geo Fencing

Ensure accuracy and save time.

Real-Time Communications

Send, receive, and dispatch messages.

Notifications to stay up to date.

Cross Platform

Choose your device and OS.


WebSNAK is a web-based application with the solid foundation of MS-SQL database. No need to purchase expensive software and hardware, we provide host services over the Internet for a low weekly fee. All you need is sufficient capacity personal computer workstations, laser printers and Internet broadband service. Users log-in to our WebSnak site for all of their accounting needs. (Larger organizations can host WebSnak at their site which requires a hardware/software investment and an I.T. foundation.) To seve all your route accounting needs, WebSnak major functions and features include:

• Inventory Management locks down your warehouse and company route truck inventory accounts for every bag. From warehouse product receipt, to orders, to loads, to returns and stales, WebSnak has the controls and reporting to properly manage all inventory transactions.

• WebSnak provides robust Route Settlement processing in support of company routes (commissions, inventory over/short tracking, history reporting) and independent operators (invoicing, accounts receivable, recurring charges, etc.)

• Accounts Receivable Aging, Cash Application, and Bank Deposit Reconciliation ensure maximum cash flow and accountability.

• Our robust Price/Promotion Management feature manages store promotions ensuring the right price at the right store at the right time. Managed on the host and downloaded to the handheld computer

• Multi-Price Plan capability allows you to manage independent route operator, retail, institutional, and contract pricing.

• Retail Customers and Products can be managed in categories or groups minimizing price maintenance manual effort.

• EDI (electronic exchange) vendor central billing, price/promotion management.

• Support is provided for Scan Based Trading.

• Integration with QuickBooks financial package for Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Financial Reporting.


Standalone or with WebSnak Route Accounting Host software, this premier mobile application provides Pre-Sale, Scan Based Trading support, Truck/Bin/Warehouse Inventory Management, Multi-Vendor Ticket and DEX functionality, ROA, Charge and Cash Sales, Route and Cash Settlement, Invoice Imaging, robust reporting, Signature Capture, Bar-Code Scanning, Wireless Printing and Communications, and more! MobileSnak utilizes the features and functions of mobile handhelds and is fully DEX/UCS capable. If you already have a host solution, let our experts integrate your system with MobileSnak running on the Intermec or Motorola mobile device of your choice.

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