Our History

Formerly Management Information Concepts, Inc. (MIC), DAO Group is a full service computer systems company providing software and hardware solutions for today’s business.

From hardware maintenance service and customized program development to sales, installation, training and support. DAO Group offers a comprehensive array of technical services needed to help your company succeed.

Built on the solid foundation of MIC’s twenty-year history, DAO Group continues a rich tradition of service excellence with now over 35 years experience in systems solutions.

DAO Group looks forward to serving you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a full-service business solutions provider with an emphasis on the route distribution industry. We view our customers as business partners. Along with our technical expertise, we will share robust business knowledge on the infrastructure, processes and controls of an efficient, effective route operations business. We can assist you in the setup, acquisition, and re-engineering of your operation.

Our goal is to understand and exceed your expectations, whether your needs include computer services, applications development or support. We take pride in helping our customers build and maintain a successful business.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Contact us today and start optimizing your operation